Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Then There Were Two...

Well, four of the six boys have found their forever families!  I have to say that I could not have placed them in better, or more loving homes.  All four of these boys will have children in their's a wonderful thing to grow up being loved by an Aussie...!

The puppies are nine weeks old now and we have been very busy this past week!  We have worked on crate training, clicker training, getting first real baths, travelling in the truck in a crate, and socializing with kids, babies, and cats! 

They also went on a trip this morning to Happy Dog Ranch to see Dad (Chopper) and Granny (Harley) at work and play!  And what do you know, there was also a 10 week old Great Dane puppy and a 12-week old Lab for the two boys to play with!  Can you say FUN??!!  Our guys thought those were some pretty big puppies though!!!  Should have had the camera with me....UGGGHH!!  Everyone played very nicely together despite the size differences!

The two boys that we have left are Revolution and Freedom...both are really sweet and confident!  Will post pictures of both later today, or tomorrow!, giving details about each...

Have a blessed Aussie day!

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