Monday, December 8, 2008

Our Boy Chopper

As I said in my post about our girl Harley, we started looking for a companion for her in the fall of 2005. In addition to being a companion to Harley, I wanted an aussie puppy who would be versatile and was especially interested in a line that competed in agility. In December, I contacted Shelly Gordon of Stargate Aussies in Indiana to ask if she had any litters planned for 2006. She did! She was expecting a litter of all black tri's the first of the year, and both parents compete in agility!

On April 1, 2006, we drove to Indiana to meet Shelly with our new black tri puppy, Chopper. Talk about a little butterball! He was such a beautiful little guy! We packed him in his new soft crate and headed for home. Within an hour he had chewed his way through the mesh of the crate door! This was a premonition of things to come!

Chopper attended his puppy obedience classes and did very well. But at home, WHEW! All the rules went out the door! He just had soooo much energy; hence his registered name: Stargate's All Fired Up! He tore up every toy we gave him, and those we did not! Harley was not a very happy girl during this time. I guess in her opinion we had brought home a little cyclone who would not leave her or her toys alone! He was terrible about stealling food, counter-surfing, robbing the trash! When he was about seven months old, I decided then that I'd have to enlist some help....enter Johnny!

Up until this time, Johnny had never participated in agility but came to watch Harley and me at the trials. I convinced him to start puppy agility classes with Chopper to build a bond, let off some energy, and have a little fun together. We all went to his first agility class, and man did he have fun! Nancy wanted him to do the tunnel first, and he was so excited he ran it on top of the tunnel instead of through it! And I mean he was sooo FAST! I just prayed that Johnny would like it half as much as Chopper did!

Chopper is now 2 1/2 years old and has matured beautifully. He is as gorgeous inside as he is outside. He has a very loving and happy disposition towards everyone. Chopper is definitely all boy but is also a very sensitive soul needing his hugs and kisses everyday. We are also happy to report that in regards to his food stealing, he has been rehabilitated!

Chopper turned out to be the perfect pup for us. He is extremely versatile. Chopper loves to swim, herd, and run agility. He currently competes in AKC agility and we hope to work on herding, tracking, and conformation in the coming year.

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