Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Two Weeks Old!

Lug Nutz
Wheelie (reserved)

The puppies are now two weeks old and are growing at an amazing pace...they have all tripled their birth weight and then some! Almost everyone's eyes are fully open and taking in the world. They have found their legs and are now walking all over the whelping box. I think Harley was a little overwhelmed the first time she got in the box and they all came "running" for her! At this point, they litterly attack her when she enters the box!

Harley has done a wonderful job of being a first-time Mom. We are very proud of her! I do not envy her job as every day gets messier! YUCK!! I've been showering her with goodies to make up for certain, shall I say, unpleasant tasks she must face every day!

I believe she is experiencing a little "whelping box fever" though.... For those of you who know Harley, she goes everywhere I go; she absolutely loves our Chevy truck and going anywhere! But, since the pups were born she really hasn't been interested in leaving them. All that has changed now! She is not appreciating being left home! She looks at me as if to say, "They'll be fine...I just fed them and they're all asleep....Chopper can watch them 'til we get back home!".

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