Sunday, December 7, 2008

Our First Aussie

We purchased our first australian shepherd after the death of our beloved golden retriever, Toby, in 1995. We looked for several months before we found our little girl Freckles. She was one of 13 puppies born on Halloween night. She was a little split-face red merle and what an imp! Always into something!

Although she loved us all, she thought my husband Johnny hung the moon! She went to work with us everyday and felt it was her job to supervise the crew! Every morning she would make her rounds, saying hello to everyone, getting little bites of breakfast from her "friends" on the crew! Within a few minutes, she'd be back and ready to trail us from room to room, making sure the job was done right!

At the time we had Freckles, we lived in a subdivision with a fenced in backyard. Freckles was an escape artist of the highest quality when it came to exiting the backyard! When the kids got too rambuctious for her, she became the "fun police"; barking and herding the kids! So we'd send them to the front yard to play but within just a minute, she'd be in the front with them. Climbing over the fence was kids' play for her!

Our daughter loved to play dress-up and Freckles was a willing model! She also had several starring roles in the productions our kids put on for us! What a great little girl!

Unfortunately, we lost Freckles when she was seven years old. My husband and I went to the Smoky Mountains for our anniversary leaving our two kids and Freckles at home with my sister. On the third day of our trip, we got a call saying she had let Freckles out into the backyard and thirty minutes later she was gone. We spent a year looking for her, running ads, checking shelters, but never found her.

It is our belief that someone picked her up since she had spent all of her seven years in that neighborhood, knew the area well from our daily walks, and all the neighbors knew and loved her. It's our hope that whoever has her will love her and cherish her as we did.

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