Sunday, January 4, 2009

Merry Christmas! Time For A Road Trip!

Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to all! Sorry it's belated! The puppies were three weeks old on the 21st! I decided they were old enough now to take a little road trip to see family in northwest Alabama. Johnny wasn't able to go so he took Chopper with him to work the weekend in Manchester.

So, the Saturday after Christmas, we woke up early and made sure the babies were full to the brim, loaded them up in a crate in the truck and headed out. They slept the whole way...almost four hours! Harley and Chopper both travel very well and I was hoping the pups would as well. We arrived just in time to unload and they were ready to nurse! Good timing!

We stayed three days giving them plenty of time to explore and socialize with a whole range of people...from one to eighty years old! They seemed to have a blast checking out their new surroundings. They are all very social and inquisitive, not afraid at all! They even got to meet my sister's little year old maltese, Tipsy. Harley wasn't real hip on that though!
The ride home was uneventful with the puppies sleeping the entire way. I think the puppies were all were glad to be back home in the whelping box though!

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