Thursday, January 8, 2009

Puppies Are Four Weeks Old!

The puppies turned four weeks old yesterday! Harley has began to wean them and they are eating softened Merrick's Puppy Plate kibble. Boy are they getting fat!

The weather is beautiful, 60 degrees in January! Decided it was time for a trip to play outside in the leaves so we headed out with Mom and Dad. Harley, who has been demonstrating an indifferent attitude toward the pups since she is weaning them, suddenly became the over-protective first time mom again! Too many dangers lurking out here in the great outdoors! Within a couple of minutes though, she relaxed and let the pups venture out, explore, and have a little fun chasing Chopper!

I have a really cute video of the pups playing in the leaves with Mom and Dad but can't get it uploaded to this site or You Tube....technical difficulties...need a copy of uploading video for dummies!

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