Friday, January 9, 2009

Chopper is Home!

Chopper was given solid food on Monday and did very well, and his IV was removed Tuesday. And on Wednesday evening, our boy was able to come home from the hospital! I am so glad to have him back home... Chopper is the love bug and goof ball of the family and when he isn't here, there is a definite void...

I have to say though, that he is confused about the whole crate issue... In our house, the crate is the time out area when puppies misbehave... So when I went to crate him shortly after arriving home, he gave me a look that seemed to say, "Mom, I haven't been bad...whatever it was, I didn't do it....I haven't even been home!!"

Right now his rehab consists of several short walks each day. He must be on lead whenever he is not crated. This is also very confusing to him as we haven't used the leash in the house in a long time! We will meet with his physical therapist next week to start the full rehab regime. Dr. Newman is very optomistic that he will regain full function of the leg as long as we are diligent with his physical therapy and rehab.... so that is wonderful news!

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