Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We're Available!! Eight Weeks Old!

The time has really flown by...hard to believe the puppies are now eight weeks old and ready for their forever homes! I can honestly say these puppies have been a true joy for me to have the luxury to raise and I will miss them soooo much!

So without further ado, may I formally introduce Spring Creek Aussies of Tennessee's first litter of puppies:

"Lug Nutz"

Lug Nutz is a blue merle male available to an approved show or performance home. He is quite the little character and is the dominant pup of the litter. We should have named him Jell-O as he wiggles from nose to nub! He is both toy and food driven and responds very well to the clicker. This is one high drive little guy! This pup is the total package...he has the looks, attitude, and the structure to back it up! We are expecting awesome things from this kid!


Donut is a black tri female available to an approved performance or pet home. This is one special little girl and I am thinking of keeping her, but for now she is available... :-) She is sweeeeet, so sweet! But don't let that sweet little package fool you, she can more than hold her own with her brothers and sisters! And man is she fast! I think she will also make a wonderful obedience prospect as she has a strong desire to please.


Scooter is a black tri male available to an approved performance or pet home. He is the runt of the litter and the love of my husband's heart! Although slight of size, he is the police officer of the pack! When things get rowdy, he's there to straigten everyone out! He is very much like his mother...full of attitude! I think with his size he will be an excellent agility competitor. (Janet McLaughlin of Nashville is considering adding this little guy to her pack of all american agility competitors!)

"Chevy" (aka "Wheelie")

Chevy is not available...she is staying here with Mom and Dad! This little puppy is the reason for breeding this litter...I wanted a little blue merle girl like her Mom Harley, and boy did I get what I wished for!!! She has enough attitude and toughness for all of the puppies combined! I can already tell she is going to rock our world!

"Bentley" (aka "Clutch")

Clutch is not available. He is the first puppy to leave the pack! He is now known as Bentley. Today he went to live with his new family. He is now owned and loved by Jill Best and her family in west Nashville. We hope one day to see him competing in any venue as he is one phenomenal little aussie! Another pup with the total package...super structure, great masculine look, and wonderful attitude!

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