Sunday, January 4, 2009

Harley - Road Trip

The road trip was really great for Harley. As I had mentioned in an earlier post, she was experiencing a little cabin fever being stuck in the house with the pups all the time! She was pepped and acting like a puppy herself the whole trip!

She doesn't believe in sleeping on a road-trip (unlike her partner Chopper who falls asleep the minute we hit the interstate)! Harley is hyper alert when travelling. One of her favorite past times in the truck is looking for cows and motorcyles!
When we got home, Harley decided she was ready to wean the pups! They are four weeks old now so with them getting those sharp little teeth I guess it's time! They are also making their first big move...from the whelping box to the nursery!

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acpeepers said...

It was SO nice to see you, Johnny, Harley and the pups on Saturday night. They are incredible little bundles of love and you are a saint to let so many 'dog people' pass them around and around and around and around......

Anne and Taz
(who sprung up on me when we got home from the party, threw his paws around me and sniffed me for about 20 minutes. He just couldn't figure out where that puppy smell came from!)