Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Puppies Are Growing Up! Seven Weeks Old!

The Girls!

Wheelie (reserved)
& Donut

The Boys!

Lug Nutz, Clutch
& Scooter
The puppies are doing great and are on a wonderful schedule. They get playtime outside their nursery at least three times a day to romp and run throughout the house! Harley is wanting to play with them, but they are still too interested in the teat to play with her! They are fully weaned and Harley has dried up almost completely.
Chopper and the pups is another story... We have to crate him when the puppies are out due to his injuries. He worries the whole time they are out playing! He's so concerned they will take "his" toys! He doesn't think too much of sharing with them right now...toys, affection, or food! At this age, as a package, they are a little overwhelming! He liked them much better when their movement was limited to the whelping box!
The pups are very close to being paper trained! Big YAHS!! They still have an accident every now and then, but for the most part, they go to their paper! Last week we worked on introduction to the clicker and this week we will work on the "sit" command. We will also introduce the puppies to the collar and lead.
The puppies will be evaluated next weekend for structure and temperment.

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