Friday, July 2, 2010

Blogger Catch-Up

It's been quite a while since we have posted to our blog so I'll do a little update first! We kept two puppies from our first litter, Chevy and Dodi, and the other three puppies were placed in wonderful homes!
Harley, their Mom, has continued in AKC Agility and in February of last year, Harley got her MACH! She is now MACH Fowler's Hotrod Harley Queen CGC, NF! She qualified for AKC Nationals in Concord, NC, in March of 2009, and did well. She qualified for Nationals again last year, and we competed this March in Tulsa, OK, where she had five PERFECT runs! WOOHOO! She is currently working on qualifying for Nationals this year!

Our Chopper man, the puppies Daddy!, has fully recovered from his shattered leg!!! After a year of rehab, he is back on the agility course and is showing in Excellent B in both classes! Last month he and Johnny earned his AXJ in Decatur, Alabama! GO BOYS!!

Chevy and Dodi are both training for agility and looking forward to their first shows!

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