Friday, July 9, 2010

Puppy Weigh-In

The puppies have grown so much in just one short week! All are close to doubling their birth weight, and at least one has exceeded that! Justice is the porker of the group!

Puppy                          Birth Weight              One Week

Freedom                          12 oz                         21 oz
Liberty                             10 oz                         22 oz
Independence                   10 oz                        19 oz
Justice                              12 oz                         25 oz
Revolution                       9 3/4 oz                      20 oz
Firecracker                       12 oz                        22 oz

They are already exhibiting "Chopperish" behavior...yesterday, I was sitting outside the whelping box stroking their sides with a finger and three of the six rolled over to have their bellies scratched!

Overall, they are a very quiet bunch...Harley's litter was LOUD! Dodi has had stomach troubles since the birth, but I know that is just part of the process. I've been trying chicken and rice with her and it seems to have helped some...

Off to change out the whelping box!

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